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Fool's Gold - Velen

Fools Gold Quest Start

Area: Velen
Location: Lurtch
Quest Giver: Yontek
Other Requirements: Added as free DLC on June 12th 2015 - Help Yontek when the bandits want to kill him

This quest begins by speaking to the group of bandits in the town of Lurtch in Velen. When you approach them they'll be roasting a pig and they'll even offer you a slice (how kind) speaking with them will give you some dialogue during which a man by the name of Yontek will interrupt you. He claims the bandits are roasting his dear Yagoda and they'll tell you they've had enough of him and try to kill him.

If you refuse to help Yontek during this timed response there will be no way for you to begin the Fools' Gold Quest, since the person who gives the quest will be dead. Once you defeat the bandits speak with Yontek and go through his dialogue to accept this quest.

Fools Gold Timed Response

First thing you'll need to do for this quest is to go into the nearby house and use your Witcher Senses to inspect a pig - then return to Yontek and speak with him again. After doing this the quest will send you to an area to the southwest of Lurtch to a cave with three bandits out front. It's recommended that you kill all of the enemies on your way over to this cave as we're going to be leading pigs here eventually.

Inside of the cave you'll want to defeat the bandits you come across and grab the Diagram: Feline Steel Sword - Enhanced that's in here. Use Yontek's key to create a portal where the bandits were tinkering around to go into a new area. In here you'll discover a pig, which will give you a scene.

When the scene is over examine the pig altar as well as the clothes next to the pig before speaking with Igor, the pig, once again. Our next destination is going to be the village of Lurtch again to speak with Yontek. When you arrive back in Lurtch there will be a pack of wolves attacking Yontek - protect him then speak to him.

Axii on Pigs

Your next task will consist of gathering all of the pigs in the town up using Axii then leading them to the windmill to meet up with Yontek. If you're having trouble using Axii on one of the pigs - make sure it's "targeted" - you'll know it is once you see the word "Pig" appear above the pig (shown in screenshot above).

Once you have all of the pigs herded up you'll want to head on over to the windmill where you'll meet Yontek. Next part of the quest will have you follow Yontek down the road towards the cave and protect him from the Nekkar attack (and any mobs you left alive). When you reach the area of Mowshurt you'll get a scene followed by you being teleported into the cave with the pig altar and all of the cursed pigs.

The final bit of dialogue for this quest (pictured below) will give you the option of either helping or ignoring Yontek. Basically, the villagers blame him for everything that happened and if you don't tell them to cool their jets they'll end up killing Yontek. That's not cool - so tell them as much! Regardless of your choice, the quest ends here.

Note: Letting them kill Yontek will get you a reward of 100 Crowns. Stepping up and defending Yontek means you'll only get the EXP reward.

Defend Yontek or Not








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