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Death By Fire - Velen

Death by fire quest start

Area: Velen
Location: West of Codger's Quarry
Quest Giver: Acquired on approaching the house
Other Requirements: N/A

This quest is found on the road northwest of Codger's Quarry. While traveling the road you will come across a group of bandits burning down a house, approach them for some dialogue and a scene. The bandits will tell you to piss off but you can ignore their advice and cut them up into pieces if you wish - that's this quest.

After defeating the bandits, or while fighting them, use Aard on the front door of the house to free the elf being held captive. She'll thank you for freeing her after the fight and point you in the direction of her hidden stash of Crowns, which are behind her house in or under a log. The quest will complete after you speak with the elf.

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