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Ciri's Room - Velen

Ciris Room Quest Locations

Area: Velen
Location: Crow's Perch
Quest Giver: Complete Bloody Baron Quest
Other Requirements: N/A

This side quest is started during the Family Matters Story Quest in Velen. You'll receive both of the quests at the same time and you'll have until The Isle of Mists Story Quest in order to complete this one.

For this quest you need to investigate the room Ciri was staying at in Crow's Perch. It's the same room with the stash - so just look for a green chest on your compass/map. Using your Witcher Senses there are a total of three things you can find in Ciri's room, all of which are listed below.

1. A Spinning Top
2. Ciri's Clothes
3. The Natural Obscurity of Curses (Book)

Once you've found all three things your quest will update requiring you to speak to Greta who is found in the kitchen, a room right next to yours. Speak with Greta and give her the top you found in Ciri's room to complete the quest. Greta doesn't have much to tell you about Ciri but you're welcome to question her if you'd like. That's all there is to this quest.




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