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Bitter Harvest - Velen

Bitter Harvest Map Location

Area: Velen
Location: South of Border Post
Quest Giver: Albin Hart
Other Requirements: N/A

You'll find this quest south of the Refugee Camp located at the Border Post in Velen. There is a man fighting Ghouls in a field by the name of Albin Hart who will offer you this quest after defeating the two Ghouls attacking him. All you have to do for this quest is to protect Albin and make sure none of the Ghoul waves defeat him.

I'd recommend you save before accepting this quest as not only can Albin do some really stupid things (like recklessly attack) there are many enemies in this area, like Bandits, that can make the already moderately tough waves of Ghouls nearly impossible.

Completion of this quest will allow you to get the Fake Papers from Aldin's brother for free. These papers are used in the Thou Shalt Not Pass Side Quest which you get by talking to a guard north of Albin. Failing this quest means you will be unable to obtain the Fake Papers from Aldin's brother no matter what you do.

Bitter Harvest Ghoul Waves

First Wave: 3 Ghouls
Second Wave: 3 Ghouls
Third Wave: 2 Ghouls; 1 Rotfiend
Fourth Wave: 3 Ghouls

To make sure Albin doesn't die, I would recommend you intercept the Ghouls on the edge of the quest border and fight them there. Doing this means you'll also have to fight the bandits too, but it's the only way to almost guarantee that Albin doesn't croak. If Albin dies but any of his henchmen survive then at the end of the quest you'll be able to talk to one of them to turn the quest in for EXP and Crowns.

All you lose for Albin dying is a little bit of Crowns and access to his brother's Fake Papers. If everyone dies, you'll fail the quest.








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