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For Fame And Glory - Skellige

For fame and glory quest start

Area: Skellige
Location: West of Larvik
Quest Giver: Two Skellige Warriors
Other Requirements: N/A

Just outside of a small cave west of Larvik you'll find two warriors outside prattling on about glory. Approach them for a scene during which you can either accept or decline their quest. These warriors are a prime example of terrible AI since they like to run into the enemies and get themselves killed. Use Axii on them (or at least one) immediately after starting the quest.

For this quest, if either of the two warriors die you'll fail the quest - which is the reason for using Axii on them to slow them down. Inside of the cave you'll want to immediately go to the right where you'll find a room of ghouls to kill. Further in the cave you'll find a single Alghoul enemy, if you were unable to Axii the warriors just get in the Alghoul's face and try to take all of the hits.

For fame and glory battle

Upon defeating the Alghoul you'll get a bit more dialogue with the two warriors and the quest completes here. That's all there is to it!








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