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Finders Keepers - Skellige

Finders Keepers Quest Start

Area: Skellige
Location: North of Giants' Toes
Quest Giver: Found on proximity to location
Other Requirements: Do not venture too far or you'll fail the quest

This quest is found on the largest in the chain of islands north of the Giants' Toes Signpost in northeastern Skellige on the main island. Here you will find a group of bandits messing with some crates, there will be an exclamation point on your compass when you approach them and after you kill them you'll get this quest.

Note: If you stray too far from the area after engaging the bandits you will fail this quest.

Examine the crates once you've received the quest and loot the Solid Skellige Sword from one of them. Your quest will update again sending you to a merchant in Svorlag with whom you'll just have to speak with to complete the quest. If you are having trouble finding the island where this quest starts, use the screen shot below.

Finders Keepers Map Location
Island for Finders Keepers.








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