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Crime and Punishment - Skellige

Crime and Punishment Quest Start

Area: Skellige
Location: East of Ancient Crypt
Quest Giver: Yorg (Acquired on proximity to location)
Other Requirements: If you get close to where this quest takes place then leave you'll automatically fail it

Just west of the Ancient Crypt location on your map is where you'll find the Crime and Punishment Quest Location. Nothing brings you here throughout the game, this is just an area that you stumble into randomly. Once you discover this quest, if you get too far away you'll automatically fail it.

All you have to do to complete this quest is to defeat the three Harpies attacking the man and speak to him, freeing him. If you leave him here he'll die and the quest fails. That's all there is to it! Although you can learn more background story about this quest if you wish by traveling to the town of Rogne. North of town there will be a group of mourners which will talk about Gretter and Yorg.

Crime and Punishment Map Location

Note: Yorg's Sister is marked with a quest marker but isn't actually involved in the quest nor does she start a new quest. Sometimes the game does this for people of interest, like her.

You can even tell Yorg's sister that he is safe and sound, you freed him and she'll thank you and swear to never lie again. Alternatively you could also tell her that Yorg is dead - even if he isn't. Coming to the town of Rogne and speaking with Yorg's Sister will give you a new journal entry about this quest.

Crime and Punishment Follow upCrime and Punishment Yorg's Sister







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