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Armed Assault - Skellige

Armed Assault Quest Start

Area: Skellige
Location: Rannvaig
Quest Giver: Automatically accepted upon fighting the bandits
Other Requirements: Don't get too far away from the quest area or it may automatically fail

This quest begins automatically when approaching the southeastern most house nearby Rannvaig (pictured below). When you arrive here you'll find a group of bandits bounding on the door, upon approaching them you'll be thrown into combat with them and be forced to fight them.

After you defeat the bandits, knock on the door to speak with the owner who will thank you for giving him a helping hand. The quest will automatically complete after the dialogue with the home owner but you can loot the bandits to get a little bit more backstory on the quest. Just keep an eye out for Lugos' Letter, a drop from the bandits.

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