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The Volunteer - Novigrad


Area: Velen
Location: Mulbrydale
Quest Giver: Mulbrydale Notice Board
Other Requirements: N/A

This quest begins by accepting the notice from the Notice Board in Oxenfurt or by speakin with the troll (pictured above) at White Eagle Fort. If you accept this quest from the notice board then the first step will require you to speak with Trollololo at White Eagle Fort.

You'll have two choices, you can either kill Trollololo or decide to let what he did slide. If you choose to kill him you'll have a chance to get cave troll liver and/or a cave troll mutagen from him. Choosing to let what he did slide will require you to run a short errand for him but will come with a better reward.

Trollololo asks you to purchase some paint for him from the merchant in Oxenfurt.

























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