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Spooked Mare - Novigrad

Spooked Mare

Area: Novigrad
Location: North of Crossroads
Quest Giver: Peasant
Other Requirements: N/A

This quest begins by speaking with the man found on the road to the north of Crossroads in southern Novigrad. If you follow the path north you'll run into him standing outside a building on your left (pictured above); use my screen shot below if you're having trouble finding him.

For this quest you'll need to follow the horse hoof prints to the southeast of where you met the guy pictured above. Here you'll find a group of Scioa'tael and four horses in a pen. Use my screen shot below for map locations of both where the quest begins and where the horse pen is.

Spooked Mare Map Locations
Quest Marker is where the quest starts.

Spooked Mare Scoiatael DialogueSpooked Mare Gray Horse

When you arrive at the Scia'tael Camp you'll want to approach the Commander who is near the pen's opening. If you jump into the pen and try to ride a horse then you'll make all 4 of the elves attack you and miss out on some EXP. There are 3 options, you can pay them 100 Crowns, use Axii or fight them and as always, Axii and paying them will give you EXP.

The correct horse to choose here is the gray one (pictured below) however that's not the best choice. While the gray horse is the owner's horse it isn't the horse that will get you the biggest reward for this quest. Choosing any other horse will get you 25 more Crowns as that horse will end up being younger than the owner's horse. He'll award you with the extra money as a thank you.

You will still complete this quest no matter what horse you choose, so long as you bring him back a horse. Letting the elves keep all of the horses or refusing to bring one back to him are the only ways that you can fail this quest.








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