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Out On Your Arse - Novigrad

Out on your arse quest start

Area: Novigrad
Location: Crippled Kates
Quest Giver: Strumpet
Other Requirements: You have 7 in-game days to complete this quest

This quest becomes available after completing Contract: Deadly Delights in Novigrad. You'll find this quest at Crippled Kates, speak with the lady outside (pictured above) and she will fill you in on the current situation. Note: After talking to this lady and accepting the quest - if you do not complete it within a certain amount of time it will automatically fail. You have about a week or so in-game to complete it.

Go into the bar and speak with the Skelliger that has taken over, there are a few different options that you can select - choose any except for leaving. If you leave/say goodbye to these guys then you will automatically fail the quest here.

If you've completed The Lord of Undvik Quest then you'll have an additional option that's not shown in my screen shot below; telling these guys that you're the person who helped kill the Ice Giant. Defeating all of the Skelligers or forcing them to leave completes the quest.

Out on your arse dialogue








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