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Little Red - Novigrad

Little Red Quest Start

Area: Novigrad
Location: Yantra
Quest Giver: Group of Villagers
Other Requirements: Don't leave the quest area after accepting this quest

This quest begins by traveling to the village of Yantra which is in the northern most portion of Novigrad. When you arrive here you'll find a group of villagers (pictured above) talking and calling you over. Speak to the one with the exclamation point above their head to begin this quest.

For this quest basically all you have to do is wait around in the village until 7pm at which point Little Red Riding Hood and her merry band of misfits will arrive at the town. Once these bandits arrive, leaving town will fail the quest - so don't. Approach Little Red for a scene and some dialogue.

Little Red will inform you that a man by the name of Bertram from this village was working with her to steal from other villagers. Though, he got greedy and wanted more of the cut. When Little Red refused Bertram told on her to a group of Witch Hunters and they attacked her, costing her half of her men.

Little Red Bandits Decision

You now have two options for this quest, you can either let Little Red find Bertram and kill him - she holds true to her word and only harms him. Or you can get involved and fight Little Red and her bandits. Little Red is actually a werewolf so you'll need to keep that in mind for the fight.

Sometimes Geralt will draw his Steel Sword since you start off closer to the bandits than the werewolf. Make sure you have the appropriate sword equipped then take out Little Red. If you decide to go this route you'll get double the experience as well as a Werewolf Mutagen.







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