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Contract: The Apiarian Phantom - Novigrad

The Apiarian Phantom Quest Start

Area: Novigrad
Location: Honeyfill Meadworks
Quest Giver: Multiple Notice Boards or Holofernes
Other Requirements: N/A

This quest can be started one of a few different ways; finding it on a notice board, speaking with Holofernes at the Honeyfill Meadworks (pictured above) or discovering the beast or his tracks. I'm going to assume for this guide you started it by finding it on a Notice Board or by speaking with Holofernes as they're the most common methods. If you found the beast tracks, scroll down to that part of the guide.

For this quest, the first thing you'll have to do is speak with Holofernes, the contract issuer, who is pictured above. He'll fill you in on the situation and ask you to follow him to the quest area - on your way there he'll give you a bit more backstory. You'll arrive at an iced over bee hive, inspect the bee hive, the blood next to the hive and the monster's prints to update your quest.

You'll follow the foot prints to the lake where they go in, they begin again on the southeastern end of the lake where a pack of Drowners are currently roaming around and lead to the building nearby. There will be a small hole in the back of the building that the tracks lead into and your quest will update. Use my map below to see where I am guiding you if you need to.

The Apiarian Phantom Map Location

When you arrive at the basement door there will be a cutscene between you and a halfling, he'll give you the key to the cellar and Geralt will tell him to bugger off. Enter the cellar to find a hound of the Wild Hunt. If you engage it immediately you'll fight it here - if you move out of its way then you'll have to follow it in pursuit as it travels to the Dancing Windmill nearby.

Hound of the Wild Hunt Weaknesses: Dimeritium Bomb, Elementa Oil, Igni, Axii

Once you defeat the Hound of the Wild Hunt you'll need to return to Holofernes who is standing nearby the bee hive you followed him to at the start of the quest. Speak with him to complete the quest.







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