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Rose on a Red Field - Novigrad (Hearts of Stone)

Rose on a red field quest start

Area: Novigrad
Location: Upper Mill
Quest Giver: Woman who approach's you at the end of Evil's First Soft Touches
Other Requirements: Hearts of Stone DLC

This side quest begins during the Evil's First Soft Touches Hearts of Stone Story Quest. When you're approached by a young girl at the manor towards the end of that quest you'll want to agree to help her find her friend Kluivert's murderer, as that'll begin this quest.

For the first part of this quest you'll need to head over to the town of Bowdon, when you arrive in the center of the town use your Witcher Senses to pick up a scent trail. It'll lead to the southern most house of the village which is where you'll find the remains of a drug making operation. Grab the letter on the desk, examine the equipment inside the house then inspect the back window.

Go behind the house and follow the foot prints to the field nearby with the three haystacks (pictured below). Here you'll find Kluivert's body; inspect it and then check the ground on the other side of the fence to your west for the shooter's foot prints.

Kluiverts body in fieldCamp of Fallen Knights

The shooter's foot prints will lead back into the town of Bowden before they change to hoof prints. Upon discovering the hoof prints your quest will update again and send Geralt to the northeast, there will be a camp of Fallen Knights up here (pictured above) that you'll need to dispatch of.

If you're having trouble finding this location, it is the first white "?" you'll see on the map northeast of Bowden. If you've already discovered this map marker, it'll be a Bandit Camp instead of a question mark. Once you've defeated all of the enemies here you'll want to be sure to pillage the inside of the house for two different crafting recipes...

Trousers diagram - untranslated
Diagram: Order of the Flaming Rose Sword

Finding the Trousers diagram will begin the quest From Ofier's Distant Shores if you haven't already begun it. To continue with our current quest you'll want to pick up the "Orders to attack Bowden" which are sitting on the wagon outside the house. Once you've looted the letter on the wagon you'll want to head further west to our next quest marker which will be another camp of bandits.

Options to deal with guards

At the next camp of bandits you'll have 3 different options of dealing with them. Fight them, pay them 1000 Crowns or use Axii on them. If you choose the wrong dialogue option you'll have to fight them anyway, but that option will get you the least EXP. Axii and bribing them will net you EXP, as they typically do. Note: You can pay them 1000 Crowns then kill them and loot your Crowns back.

Inside of the cave you'll find the Fallen Knights leader and there will be some dialogue. Once the dialogue is over you'll have to fight him and everyone else in here. Grab all of the loot in the room that you wish then return to Oxenfurt to turn the quest in.

Note: If you paid the guards off be sure to loot their bodies on the way out of the mine for your 1000 Crowns back.









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