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A Midnight Clear - Novigrad (Hearts of Stone)

Stay at party with shani

Area: Novigrad
Location: Brunwich
Quest Giver: Automatic during Dead Man's Party
Other Requirements: Must be completed during Dead Man's Party or it will auto-fail

This side quest is only available during the Dead Man's Party Hearts of Stone Story Quest. During the final dialogue option of Dead Man's Party (pictured above) you will be given the option of staying longer at the party or leaving immediately. Staying will allow you to romance Shani and begin this side quest.

Once you complete Dead Man's Party this quest will auto fail/complete and you'll lose your chance of romancing Shani. For the first part of this quest you'll have to do two things, read your bestiary and find a gift for Shani. Technically reading the bestiary is optional, just find a gift from my list below then head over to Shani in the barn.

You can bring Shani one of four different items to romance her; all three of them work. The only difference between them is how the night plays out.

- Rowan Branch (Near barn ladder)
- Chamomile (near the pigs' pen)
- Rowanberry Brandy (on the table near Rowan Tree)
- Mead (On the table next to where you start the quest)

If you choose to bring Shani alcohol then while you're with her later in the night she'll throw up and it'll get you a humorous scene. Either way, the next morning Shani leaves and the quest concludes. Return to the Dead Man's Party Quest Guide and turn the quest in to get your follow up.













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