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Raging Wolf - Toussaint (Blood and Wine)

Raging Wolf Quest Start

Area: Toussaint
Location: Beauclair
Quest Giver: Started automatically after completing Fists of Fury: Toussaint
Other Requirements: Blood and Wine DLC

This quest will automatically begin after you complete the Fists of Fury: Toussaint Quest. For this quest you'll have to go to the eastern most portion of Beauclair where you'll meet the Maestro. When you arrive, before you're able to fight him, you'll have to get drunk with him.

Unlike all of the previous fist fights in the game you'll have to do this one while intoxicated. Aside from this there is nothing special about the fight, the Drunken Master appears to be an easier opponent than normal too (maybe because he is drunk). Beat him and you'll receive a trophy (a statue of a fist) and the quest will complete.

Maestro for Raging WolfDrunken Master Fists Fight










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