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Contract: Big Game Hunter - Toussaint (Blood and Wine)

Big Game Hunter Quest Start

Area: Toussaint
Location: Cockatrice Inn
Quest Giver: Cockatrice Inn Notice Board or Count Beledal
Other Requirements: Blood and Wine DLC

This quest begins by visiting the Cockatrice Inn Notice Board or by speaking with Count Beledal (pictured above) who is found a tad bit northeast of the Chuchote Cave Signpost in western Toussaint. For this quest you'll have to escort Count Beledal to a few different areas of Toussaint to show him the animals.

Count Beledal asks that you not harm the animals, typically this means not getting too close to the animal or using Axii on it to prevent it from attacking you. Here are the first two steps of this quest that you need to complete with Count Beledal:

Bear: Don't get too close
Panther: Use Axii to calm it then free it from the trap (pictured below)

Panther Stuck in Trap

Once you've freed the panther you'll need to use your Witcher Senses to locate a centipede underground then follow the noise it makes to the two monster nests nearby. Go into the southern most quest circle which is ontop of a hill over looking the centipede nests and use your Witcher Senses to investigate markings on the ground.

Make sure you avoid hidding the centipedes in the back as they'll be invulnerable to all of your damage from that angle. To easily dispatch the centipedes use Yrden then stand in it and wait for one of them to surface. Yrden will prevent them from being able to burrow again and allow you to chain tons of hits onto their vulnerable stomach.

Giant centipede Weaknesses: Insectoid Oil and Yrden

When the centipedes are disposed of you'll want to return to Count Beledal to continue with the quest. Check your map again to learn the location of the peacocks then head out. Along the path you'll discover a peacock tailfeather (pictured below) which will give you a scent when you inspect it.

Big Game Hunter Peacock Feather

Follow this scent along the path a little bit more and eventually you'll come across a herd of peacocks that you can track via their noise using your Witcher Senses. All you have to do is use Axii on three of these peacocks and your quest will update again. A giant centipede will spawn after you use Axii on the peacocks, use Yrden to quickly dispose of it and then you'll get some scenes and dialogue.

If you didn't harm any of the animals during this quest (except the giant centipedes) then Count Beledal will invite you to look at his paintings tomorrow at noon. You'll have to head over to the town of Francollarts and meditate until 11am - 12pm the following day. Choosing to view his paintings will net you an additional reward, The White Wolf, by Count Beledal. You can display this in your house or sell it - the choice is yours.

Additionally you'll have the opportunity to ask Count Beledal about his daughter, if you do this you'll obtain the Compassion Virtue for the quest There Can Be Only One.

Ask Count Beledal About Daughter








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