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A Portrait of the Witcher as an Old Man - Toussaint (Blood and Wine)

Witcher as an old man quest start

Area: Toussaint
Location: Beauclair
Quest Giver: Painter
Other Requirements: Blood and Wine DLC

This quest begins by speaking with the Painter (pictured above) who is in the central portion of the town of Beauclair. He'll ask you to meet him by the western castle gates at noon, go to the location specified and meditate until noon. He'll ask you to follow him by horseback so hop on Roach and follow the painter to the hill top he specifies to update your quest again.

When you arrive the painter will remark that his paint is missing, search the area he points to first then follow the path to the western most portion of the quest circle and use your Witcher Senses. You'll find foot prints in the paint that will lead you down the trail to a spot in the fence that is broken open. From this point on you'll have to follow mostly a scent trail to the cave entrance (pictured below).

Note: If you're having trouble seeing the scent trail, meditate until night. This quest isn't time sensitive

Where the fence splitsEntrance to Cave

The cave is right under the hill top that you parked Roach on, inside you'll find a group of Nekkars which you'll have to defeat before you're able to loot the paint that you need. Return to the surface and speak with the painter again now that you have the paint and he'll tell you that he's discovered an even better location.

Hop on Roach, follow the painter to the new location and choose which pose you'd like. It doesn't matter what you choose, all they do is change the look of the painting you'll receive from the quest (which is optional too). When you're done here for the day a Griffin will swoop in to attack.

Griffin Weaknesses: Hybrid Oil, Grapeshot and Aard

Defeat the Griffin and the painter will ask you if you'd like it to also be painted into the picture. This is again, completely optional. Choose whatever you'd like. The three different options that you can choose (with the Griffin) are below; if you'd like to make your choice based off of them.

Griffin Battle

All that is left of this quest is for you to wait a day then meet the painter at noon in the town square (where you first met him for this quest). There will be a crowd of people gathering around to view your painting, after your dialogue with him you'll be given the option of buying it or not. Regardless of your choice the quest will complete here.

Geralt Heroic Pose With GriffinGeralt Horseback Pose With Griffin
Geralt Heroic Pose With Griffin & Geralt on Horseback Pose With Griffin.

Geralt Relaxing Pose With Griffin
Geralt Reclining With Griffin.








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