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The Ever Regal Regalia - Hammerhead

The Ever Regal Regalia Quest Start

First Available: Chapter 2
Other Requirements: Complete "The Power of Kings"
Location: Hammerhead
Rewards: 150 EXP & Aero Wax

To begin this quest you'll want to inspect the red concrete divider at the Hammerhead Gas Station (pictured above). Noctis will sit down here and a cutscene with Cindy will commence which begins the quest. For this quest all you have to do is travel to an area far to the west and collect the Aero Wax from inside of the tunnel.

You'll find the Aero Wax about midway through the tunnel guarded by a few groups of Goblins. There are technically two ways for you to enter this tunnel, the southern most entrance will have an additional side quest to help an injured person who is hidden between some storage crates. This isn't one of the "story" side quests like this one, however. Just one you can do for a quick bit of EXP.

Completing this quest will unlock the next in the series from Cindy called The Ever Elegant Regalia.






















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