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Van Interrupted - Lestallum

Van Interrupted Quest Start

First Available: Chapter 3
Other Requirements: Complete A Stroll for Two
Location: Lestallum
Rewards: 2,000 EXP

After you complete the "A Stroll for Two" quest multiple quests from the vendors in Lestallum will become available, this is one of those quests. For this quest all you have to do is go to the location marked on your map and defeat the Killer Bees that are in the area. Grab the cargo out of the back of the vehicle then return to this NPC to turn it in.

The Reliable Royalty quest from Dino is also in this area, I would recommend doing them both at the same time.

Cargo Van for Quest

Once you turn in the Van, Interrupted quest you'll be able to pick up the follow up quest from the same location. This one is called Van, Interrupted Again and the premise of it is exactly the same as this quest.










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