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No Pain, No Gem - Galdin Quay Docks

Dino for Sidequests

First Available: Chapter 6
Other Requirements: Complete Reliable Royalty
Location: Galdin Quay Docks
Rewards: 2,000 EXP & Ruby Bracelet

This quest becomes available once you have completed Reliable Royalty and it starts by speaking with Dino at the Galdin Quay Docks. Much like all of Dino's previous quests what you have to do is travel to a specific location and collect a gemstone for him.

For this quest you'll be traveling to the Myrlwood, which is a dungeon in the Vesperpool area, north of Lestallum. In order to access this dungeon you'll need to have completed up to Chapter 6 of the game's main story. You'll find the Ruby Stone in the first large room of the Myrlwood, on the eastern side. Use my screenshots below if you need additional guidance.

No Pain No gem Ruby Stone Location

Myrlwood Treasure Map Location










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