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Kings of the Off-Road - Hammerhead

Cindys Quest Start

First Available: Chapter 8
Other Requirements: Patch 1.12 or higher installed (Or own Royal Edition DLC)
Location: Hammerhead
Rewards: 1,300 EXP & Can drive Off-road

This is the second quest in the chain that starts at Cindy's Garage at Hammerhead Station, the first town from the start of the game. You can begin both of these quests after reaching Chapter 7 or 8 in the game's main storyline.

Cindy sends you an area we explored at the very start of the game to meet someone that allows you to participate in an off-road race with the Regalia. Basically, you have to prove you're capable of driving off-road using the vehicle and complete the course in under the required time.

Kings of the Off-Road Quest LocationGreat Leiden Run Regalia Race

Speaking to the man begins a second side quest called the Great Leiden Run, you have just over two minutes to complete the entire course which is more than enough time, it only took me about a minute and I completed it my first time.

Once you complete the course your original quest, Kings of the Off-road will be updated and all you have to do now is return to Cindy and talk to her to complete it.








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