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Hunters and Gatherers - Hammerhead

How to Accept Quests from Takka

First Available: Chapter 2
Other Requirements: Complete Scenic Delivery
Location: Hammerhead
Rewards: 500 EXP & 5 Cleigne Wheat; 5 Dualhorn Steak; 5 Leiden Pepper; Hammerhead Hot Sandwich (New dish at Diner)

Note: In order to accept any of Takka's quests you need to interact with the news paper on the counter and not Takka, as shown in the screen shot above.

For this quest you'll need to collect a Daggerquill Breast which is an ingredient that is used in Cooking and return it to Takka. If you've defeated a lot of Daggerquill enemies before accepting this quest you may already have the ingredients in your inventory, in which case all you need to do is inspect the area on the counter to turn in the quest.

If you don't have the Daggerquill Breast that you need a location will be marked on your map where you can find the enemies. You'll want to travel to that marker and defeat the Daggerquills there for their breast meat then return it to Takka.










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