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Crazy About Cactuars - Cape Caem

Crazy About Cactuars Quest Start

First Available: Chapter 8
Other Requirements: N/A
Location: Cape Caem
Rewards: 2,000 EXP

You can accept this quest after making it to Cape Caem during Chapter 8 of the game's main story. Speak with Talcott inside of the building with Iris and the other story characters to accept the quest. For this quest you have to visit two different vendors in two different locations and purchase the Cactuar Statuette items that they have.

A Cactuette of Mortar: Purchased in the Lestallum Marketplace from the old man running the figurine/accessory shop.

A Cactuette of Wood: Purchased from Wiz Chocobo Post - the main vendor here is who sells it.

Those of you that are still confused about where to obtain these items check out my screen shots below for better guidance. Both of the vendors are shown.

Lestallum Cactuar Model
Lestallum Cactuar Model Vendor.

Wiz Chocobo Post Cactuar Statuette
Wiz Chocobo Post Cactuar Statuette.

If you'd like to, there are an additional two Cactuar Figures that you're able to collect and bring to Talcott for another scene. There are the Marble Cactuar and the Mythril Cactuar. You can purchase the Marble Cactuar from a vendor in Altissa outside of the Leville and the Mythril Cactuar you can find in Formouth Garrison during Chapter 15.

The Mythril Cactuar is found in the northern portion of Formouth Garrison on the western side of the building.








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