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Chocobaby Roundup - Cartanica Station

Chocobaby Roundup Quest Start

First Available: Chapter 10
Other Requirements: Royal Edition DLC
Location: Fodina Caestino
Rewards: 2,500 EXP & 1 Curiel Greens

This quest can only be completed while you're on Chapter 10 of the game's main story. Additionally, if you do not own the Royal Edition DLC for this game then this quest will not even appear for you. To begin this quest speak with the lady pictured above, she'll ask you to locate four of her lost Chocobabys.

All four of these Chocobabys can be found by searching the area you're in. Below is a brief list of where you can find all four.

- On the wood platform nearby the lady
- Inside the train car by Ignis and Gladio
- Behind a building that's south of the train car
- Underneathe the train station (go down every flight of stairs to the bottom area; it's a very linear path here and back)

Once you've located all four of the Chocobaby's return to the lady who gave you the quest to turn it in. That's all there is to it!

















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