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Caestino On Camera - Cartanica Station

Caestino on Camera Quest Start

First Available: Chapter 10
Other Requirements: Royal Edition DLC
Location: Fodina Caestino
Rewards: 3,500 EXP & 7,500 Gil

This quest can only be completed while you're on Chapter 10 of the game's main story. Additionally, if you do not own the Royal Edition DLC for this game then this quest will not even appear for you. For this quest all you have to do is travel around the Fodina Caestino area and take four different pictures.

Every area is straight forward except for one. There is one spot that is fenced in by the camp, the same location you find the Generator Key. At this location you need to take a picture of the building you find the Generator Key in rather than take a picture of the machine nearby.

Caestino on Camera Photo Location

Fodina Caestino Clean Map Locations








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