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Berried Memories - Galdin Quay

Berried Memories Quest Start

First Available: Chapter 5 - 8
Other Requirements: Complete Living Off The Land
Location: Galdin Quay
Rewards: 5,000 EXP; Leidan Sweet Potato; Fine Cleigne Wheat; Ulwaat Berries & 3,000 Gil

This quest becomes available at some point in between Chapters 5 and 8 of the main story. Despite the fact that you will be able to accept this quest prior to Chapter 8; you can not complete it until you reach the Story Quest "Brave New World" and Iris moves to the house near Cape Caem.

In order to complete this quest you'll first need to complete the Living Off The Land Side Quest which is given to you by Iris when you reach Chapter 8 in the game's main story. At the end of Living Off the Land you'll meet an NPC named Tony (pictured below) who offers to buy the Caem Carrots that you grew in your garden for Ulwaat Berries.

Tony Buying Caem CarrotsUlwaat Berries from Tony

Once you've completed the Living Off The Land quest and you've traded your Caem Carrots for Ulwaat Berries you're free to return to Galdin Quay and turn in this quest.









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