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A Treasure Beyond Measure - Galdin Quay

Dino for Sidequests

First Available: Chapter 2
Other Requirements: Complete No Pain, No Gem
Location: Galdin Quay Docks
Rewards: 3,000 EXP & Emerald Bracelet

A Treasure Beyond Measure is the final quest in a long chain of quests from Dino in Galdin Quay that began with The Aspiring Artisan. For this quest you'll need to go to the Costlemark Tower dungeon which can only be entered when it is night time. The Emerald Stone that you need is found about half way through the dungeon.

If you'd like better directions in locating the Emerald Stone, use both of my screenshots below. I'm standing at the location you find the Emerald Stone in both of them. Once you've obtained this item all that's left is to return to Dino and turn the quest in.

Emerald Stone Obtained

A Treasure Beyond Measure Map Location









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