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Episode Ignis FF15 DLC Walkthrough

This guide covers all of Episode Ignis, one of the DLC chapters of Final Fantasy 15. Compared to the other DLCs, this one is quite short story wise - however you could spend hours exploring the city and collecting all of the random treasure scattered throughout.

Episode Ignis Combat Tutorials

As with all of the Episodes in FF15, Episode Ignis opens with combat tutorials teaching you how to play Ignis. Out of all three characters, Ignis is by far the most overpowered of them all. Both Ice and Lightning Daggers are crazy powerful - use them for all battles against regular enemies and save the Fire Daggers for boss fights.

For a large part of this chapter you're going to be running around the city defeating Imperial Soldiers - the quest marker on both your compass and your map will lead you everywhere that you have to go. If you'd like to know the location of all treasures that are not already marked on your map I would recommend using my map below. I marked many - but not all - of the available treasures. There's probably over a hundred treasures scattered throughout the city for you to find.

Episode Ignis Treasures On Map

Eventually the main quest will send you to the northern end of Altissa where you board a speedboat and ride that past the Archeon. Your high speed chase will eventually end back in town with a boss battle against Caligo, one of the Imperial Commanders (pictured below). This will be the first "difficult" encounter of Episode Ignis.

Caligo Boss Fight

For the boss battle against Caligo you'll want to take out all of the regular enemies with your Thunder/Ice Daggers and the big guy with your Fire Daggers. Since consumables are so plentiful in this chapter don't worry about blowing all you have as often as you want. Worse comes to worse you can always run around collecting treasures to vendor for more consumables.

The boss battle will be over before you know it and completing it unlocks Chapter 2 of Episode Ignis. For this chapter Ignis and Ravus will pair up to reach Noctis and Lunafreya at the altar and much like the previous chapter this one takes place in Altissa and is extremely straight forward.

Ignis and Ravus Team Up

Follow Ravus each time the quest markers update on your map and keep in mind that you're getting close to the point of no return. When you agree to travel over to the altar island with Ravus you'll be unable to return to the main part of Altissa. I'd recommend creating a different save file incase you ever wish to go back and get an Achievement or Trophy that you didn't get this play through.

On the altar island you'll have some cutscenes to watch followed by a boss battle against Ravus. This battle is mostly a cinematic one, you'll have a few events that happen during the battle where Ravus and Ignis hash out their differences and the fight "pauses".

As for Ravus' actual attacks, he likes to fire off a lightning bolt in a straight line in front of him as well as an AoE ground pound lightning attack which is difficult to avoid. Stick to your Fire Daggers for the entire fight and use Total Clarity as well as Dragoon Dive every time it is up and Ravus will be defeated in no time.

When Ravus is at 25% health and lower he'll begin using a special attack that can one shot you. There is a brief cinematic before he charges Ignis and does an extremely powerful attack, sometimes he'll even use lightning on the ground that Ignis dodges before charging at you. If you get hit by it, just use a Phoenix Down then dodge it next time. A simple dodge roll is all you need to do to avoid it.

Ravus Boss Battle

There will be a few more scenes and then you're all done with Episode Ignis! If this is your first time playing through this chapter then you can only see the "True" ending. However, if you're replaying this chapter for a second time you're able to unlock extra endings by changing the options you choose during the dialogue with Ardyn at the end of the Episode.




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