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Hayokonton enemiesBest Location to grind map location

There are two fantastic leveling locations that I have found in Wild Arms, both of them require the either the Sweet Candy (Ship) or Protowing (Flying Machine) to reach and they're both found on the games overworld. Depending on what type of leveling location you want will determine which of the two locations best suits you.

Using the map location above, you'll see that I have two locations marked. The northern most red circle is in the icy continent right next to Arctica Castle. This area is my favorite location to level up for groups that are under level 40. The reason for this is because you can set your entire team to full automation and they'll win every battle with ease.

On the three southern most islands marked with the blue circle on my map above you'll find enemies that are equal in difficulty to the ice island as well as the rare chance to encounter a Hayokonton enemy. These guys are extremely powerful and give about 20,000 EXP each; making them one of the best enemies to grind for EXP in the entire game.

Islands with Hayokonton enemies
The largest island to hunt Hayokonton on.

Unless you're above level 40 with your entire team it's very likely that the Hayokonton enemies will obliterate you. They've got a butt load of HP and they have an extremely annoying ability called Human Experimentation which inflicts almost every status effect in the game on a member of your party. If it wasn't for this one ability they wouldn't be so difficult to beat.

In closing there's two really big tips that I think you should know about this location too...

1. Use Lucky Card each fight, it doubles the amount of EXP and Gella that you earn.

2. I highly suggest that once these fights become easier for you, use Jack's Trickster ability and attempt to steal Duplicators from the Hayokonton every fight.

Duplicator Acquired


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