The Razing of Tyr's Hand Orc Tides of Darkness Mission 9

The Razing of Tyrs Hand Second Base Location


- Build a Fortress and a Shipyard on the island at the mouth of Tyr's Bay


           At the start of this level you will want to build some ground units as quickly as possible to protect your Peons and your base. Throughout this level you're attacked at a much faster pace than any previous level and by tougher enemies. Be prepared for an attack every two minutes or so.

           In the mean time you'll want to build up a fleet of Ogre Juggernauts again, much like we did in the previous mission. Yes, that means our strategy will be the same too - we're going to raze the enemies base and then Battle of Normandy 2.0 onto the beaches with all of the melee units that we have.

Prior to attacking the enemy base you'll want to make the following...

12 - 15 Ogre Juggernauts (send 6 at a time)
10 - 15 Ogre Ground Units
10 - 15 Troll Berserkers
2 - 5 Catapults

           Start by sending the Ogre Juggernauts and your troops to the southwestern most shore. Clear all the enemies on the western shoreline and slowly work your way northward. Somewhere along this shoreline I would recommend building a Barracks and if you are quick enough to make it to the northeastern most gold mine before the enemies consume the whole thing maybe make a Great Hall too and build a secondary base here.

- After you clear out all of the Alliance units make a base on the small island with the Circle of Power on it, this will complete the map.

The Razing of Tyrs Hand Fortress and ShipyardThe Razing of Tyrs Hand Enemy Base









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