The Fall of Stromgarde Orc Tides of Darkness Mission 7

The Fall of Stromgarde Orc TransportsThe Fall of Stromgarde Place for Base


- Recapture the Orc Transports
- Destroy Stromgarde


           When this map first starts you'll need to take control of your Troll Destroyers and send them southeast to defeat the ships that are currently guarding your Orc Transports. You can find the destroys a tad west from where you troops start at the bottom of the map. After you destroy the ships in the way of the Orc Transports bring your troops out of the corner and defeat the land units in your way.

           Load up your transport ships and sail to the northeast just a tad until you encounter an island with a gold mine on it wrapped in a feeble wall. You'll want to defeat any units dumb enough to wander close to the shore with your Destroyers and then unload your Orc Transports onto the island. Destroy the tower that blocks the gold mine, destroy the wall around it and construct your base here.

           You'll want to make at least a dozen Farms, two Barracks (to speed things up), a Lumber mill and Blacksmith to upgrade your units - get used to making them I am not going to keep reminding you. Also make a Shipyard and a fleet of Troll Destroyers which we're going to need in a little bit.

           If you run out of gold you can find another small island with a gold mine to the northeast of the island we built our base on. The town that we need to destroy is all the way at the northern most end of the map and it's extremely well fortified compared to the previous missions. Since you aren't given many resources on this map you'll have to use what you have sparingly.

The Fall of Stromgarde Alliance Base

           Build a fleet of 10 Troll Destroyers and if you lost your Orc Transports earlier during the mission make another one or two since we're going to be transporting a ton of troops. This will make up our entire fleet of ships. As far as ground units go, what I recommend is...

5 Troll Berserkers
3 Catapults
12 Ogres

           Depending on your luck you might need to make additional units - the Alliance at Stromgarde can be pretty tough! Basically what you wanna do is patrol the coastline to the north and defeat the enemies sea units then use your Orc transports to send all your units across the ocean and land them on the peninsula of the enemies island.

           Once all your units are across the pond send your fleet of Troll Destroyers into the harbor and let them start firing away at everything while at the same time sending your land units into the town and letting them slaughter everything in sight. Following this strategy will easily allow you to take out the enemies base with minimal casualties.


           Tip: If you destroy the town and the level doesn't auto complete, sail around the ocean and look for Alliance Ships. There's usually one or two ships hanging around each puddle of Oil.













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