The Badlands Horde Tides of Darkness Mission 6



- Escort Cho'gall to the Circle of Power at Grim Batol


           The Circle of Power is found in the southeast corner of the map; you can reach it by going diagonally across the entire map. Lead the way with the Grunts until you come across a wall or structure then swap with the Catapults and Axe Throwers to take it out. Also use Bloodlust on Chogall when necessary to boost the DPS of your troops. Don't use his Runes spell on your own units - it's an AoE explosive ability!

           Cho'gall stays in the back at all times and is kept away from the fight. He's about as squishy as they come with 0 defense and very little attack power. All in all this map isn't too hard, it may take two tries though as you learn the layout of the enemies positions.























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