Assault on Hillsbrad Horde Tides of Darkness Mission 4

Alliance Town in Hillsbrad



- Destroy Hillsbrad
- Slaughter the Alliance's Defenders


           This map offers much more of a challenge than the previous ones; Alliance will attack you every 5 - 10 minutes until you destroy their transport ship at which point they no longer bother attacking. When the stage first starts you'll want to build a few Farms and add more Peons to your army.

           As quickly as possible build a Shipyard and a few Destroyer ships. You'll want to use these ships for protection and to defeat the buildings near the shoreline in the enemies town once we're ready. After you've built your Destroyers you'll want to make a few Oil Tankers, there's an oil spot just to the north of the island we start on as well as to the southeast in the corner of the map. Build Oil Platforms at both places.

           In order to build the Transport Ships you need to get across the ocean and attack Hillsbrad you'll need to build more Advanced Structures. I'd recommend an army of 15 - 20 Grunts and/or Axe Throwers; that should be enough to defeat all of the Alliance you encounter.











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