The Battle At Darrowmere Alliance Tides of Darknes Mission 9

The Battle At Darrowmere


- Escort the Lightbringer to the Circle of Power at Caer Darrow


           This map is almost as much of a pain in the arse as Grim Batol! What you want to do is take your naval fleet and clear away a few towers on the part of the island in the central portion of the map. Don't let your ships take too much damage - you're going to want to do a hit and run basically. Send them in, blow up the tower and retreat before Catapults can fight back.

           Once you've cleared a landing area you'll want to gather up your troops with a transport ship and unload them onto that island. I recommend landing where you see my screen at in the picture above. Protect your Ballistas at all costs and slowly defeat all of the ground units on the island. Use the Ballistas to take out the towers from a distance so you don't have to worry about any of your troops taking damage. If you're lucky you'll be able to take out the northern island with minimal casualties.

           Assuming you still have plenty of ground units left, take them to the island that's just south of the one we cleared. For this island we're gonna need to get a little bit tricky. What you want to do is send the Gnomish Flying machine into the island to take shots from the towers. At the same time make landfall with all of your troops up near the towers. I typically land the Ballistas last after the troops have already engaged the enemy. Send the ground units into the town to be slaughtered and use the Ballistas to take out as many towers as you can while your troops bite the dust.

Place to make landfall
Make landfall just north of where my boats are.

           Don't let your Transporter ships get destroyed since they play an extremely important role in the next part of the mission. If you're successful you'll get two of the towers down before all of your troops die. Now take all of your Transport ships and sail through the central canal and pick up Uther.

           Use your remaining ships and destroy the 2 Troll Destroyers blocking the southern path. If you want to, destroy a tower too. More importantly though, you want to take your remaining Battleships and Destroyers into the southern sea area and destroy the three ships in that harbor.

           With that done you can finally sail your Transport ships through the mountain pass and onto land. Get Uther out of the ship and send him over to the Circle of Power to complete the mission. If you're having trouble getting Uther down to the bottom part use the remaining Transport Ships as decoys while you sail by with Uther or while you destroy the enemy with your ships.










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