Attack on Zul'dare Alliance Tides of Darkness Mission 4

Attack on Zuldare Enemy Base


- Destroy Dun Algaz


           This is the first level where the enemy will periodically attack your town so the first thing you should do on this map (after making a bunch of Peasants, farms and gathering some resources) is make some towers. Also a Barracks and a few land units just incase the towers don't do the trick.

           Much like with the last level our priority is going to be building a Shipyard and a small naval fleet of Elven Destroyers (about 6 of them). You'll want to use these ships to sail around the entire map exploring it and attacking the Troll Destroyers you come across as you do. The Horde town that we're tasked with destroying is at the southern most portion of the map. Between us and them are some islands, two of which have gold mines on them.

           You shouldn't need too much assistance from me to figure out how to take out the enemy town - build up your units, upgrade them at the Lumber Mill and Refinery and send them down to destroy the Horde!















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