The Great Portal Alliance Tides of Darkness Mission 14

The Great Portal Transports on Beach


- Destroy the Great Portal


           The hardest part of this mission is the start. You begin the level at the south central portion of the map, first thing you should do is load up your Transport Ships with all the units you can (except the Peasants) and take your Elven Destroyers and Battleship to the west to take out the Cannon Towers and Catapults. When your ships are defeated then you'll want to make landfall with your troops.

           Don't move too far up the beach as there's more Ogre-Magi up ahead that will rip your troops to pieces with Bloodlust. What you want to do is make a Town Hall, a Lumber Mill, one or two farms and then 5 towers. Place the towers all extremely close to each other so that when a target gets in range they all fire at once. Once the towers are finished you'll want to upgrade them into Guard Towers. Keep them fully repaired while you do this.

           You can also use the two Mages that you started with and their Fireball ability too; three hits with Fireball usually takes out one of these Dragons. Until the enemy lets up all we're going to be doing is defending from these Dragons and preparing for another Dragon attack.

The Great Portal Base with Full Map

           For the second half of this level I recommend using a very cheap strategy. Make an army of Gryphon Riders (at the very least 10+) and at least 5 - 8 Paladins. Our strategy is extremely straight forward and simple - it's also the same one we used on the previous level. Have your Gryphon Riders go straight north from your town taking out every unit you can. Return any injured Gryphons to town for the Paladins to heal them.

           Then sneak in behind the Great Portal, from the northern end and defeat all of the Deathknights/Dragons and any other enemies that you can. I'd recommend that while you commence this strategy you keep a few Elven Rangers in your town just incase any Dragons are smart enough to not get in range of our towers.

           Additionally, if you run out of gold you'll want to use some Gnome Sappers to blow through the stone wall just north of our town. There's another gold mine on the beach which has 15000G in it. The only other gold mine that we can capture is to the east in the Horde town (it has 70000G); your Gryphon Riders can make short work of this town but you'd end up losing a few in the process and it's not necessary to beat the level.

           Your Gryphon Riders won't attack the portal unless you specifically use the "Attack" command on them and tell them to destroy it. With 10+ Gryphon Riders the portal will go down within a few minutes.









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