Dragoon Spirits Sidequest in Vellweb

Dragoon Spirits Sidequest Start

           One of the most rewarding sidequests to do in The Legend of Dragoon, EXP wise, takes place in Vellweb and requires you to defeat each of the Dragoon's Spirits from the Dragon Campaign many many years ago. You might remember the area this quest takes place from a bit earlier in the game during Disc 3.

           Your first trip through here you won't be able to complete this quest, it's not until you come back later in the game that Shirley will appear and ask you to free the Dragoon Spirits that are lingering in the nearby area. What you'll want to do is go up the staircase to the left of the Save Point and venture into each of the four towers that are up here. In each one you'll fight a different Dragoon with strengths and weaknesses similar to your own party members. An example is Syuveil is a lot like Albert with his strengths/weaknesses, Belzac is also a lot like Kongol. I'll give you a bit more info on each of the four fights below.

           First though - if you haven't already found it there's a location for you to fully heal your party at just south of the Save Point in Vellweb and right next to where you talked to Shirley. You'll likely be returning to this location after every Dragoon Fight to heal up and prepare for the next one. This location is also a great spot to grind if you find your team to be too weak to handle the upcoming battles.

Vellweb Healing Well


First Dragoon: Syuveil - 10,000 HP

Syuveil Dragoon Fight

           This guy has high physical defense and attack but lower magical defense/attack; meaning you'll do the most damage to him by using your Dragoon abilities or any magical items that you have. Most of this guys attacks are pretty weak but the occasional one hits for over 1000. If you want this entire fight to be a push over, open up with your Special during your first round and unload on him with your Dragoon abilities.

Reward: Jade Stone (Reduces damage taken by Wind based attacks by half)


Second Dragoon: Damia - 9500 HP

Damia Dragoon Fight

           This fight is against a 15 year old girl so you better not get defeated! She's basically the polar opposite of our last opponent, instead of having high physical attack/defense she has high magic attack/defense. She'll attack you with mostly water based attacks so if you gottem be sure to use Legend Casques as they'll greatly decrease the amount of damage you take. The last thing worth mentioning is she's pretty quick with her attacks too, expect her to attack twice a round sometimes.

Reward: Blue Sea Stone (Reduces damage from Water based attacks by half)


Third Dragoon: Belzac - 16,000 HP

Belzac Dragoon Fight

           Much like Kongol, this boss has extremely high HP and physical attack/defense but very low magic attack and defense. He also attacks quite slow which in my opinion makes him an easy target. If you walk into this fight with your Special ready things shouldn't be too hard at all.

Reward: Golden Stone (Reduces damage from Earth based attacks by half)


Fourth Dragoon: Kanzas - 12,000 HP

Kanzas Dragoon Fight

           This Dragoon resembles Haschel the most, he has about average physical defense/attack and above average magical defense/strength. If he gives you and trouble at all, just begin the battle by opening with your Special and unload on him. He'll go down quick enough.

Reward: Violet Stone (Reduces damage from Thunder based attacks by half)


           That's all there is to this side quest! After you've defeated all four Dragoons you're officially done this side quest.











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