Chocobo Forest of Solitude - FF8 Guide

Chocobo Forest of Solitude

This Chocobo Forest is found on a northern peninsula of the southern continent. In order to reach this Chocobo Forest you'll need to park Balamb Garden nearby and run around the mountains on foot. You'll notice that this forest takes a pretty big jump up in difficulty compared to the others - the spot you have to stand in to use the ChocoZiner is incredibly small.

I'd recommend trying to use the grass around Squall's feet to position yourself properly, if you click on my screenshot you can see I am standing just behind a small patch of grass. Speak with the Chicobo that descends from the trees as always to reveal the Mother Chocobo.

Forest of Solitude Location 1Forest of Solitude Location 1

As for the spot with our treasure, challenge ChocoBoy to a game of cards then ask him to move out of the way. Use the ChocoZiner right ontop of the area he was standing to complete the quest and get your Protect and Meteor Stone.





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