Sunken Gelnika - FF7 Walkthrough

Sunken Gelnika dungeon entrance

The Sunken Gelnika can only be accessed once you've acquired the submarine later on during Disc 2. You'll find this dungeon in the Gold Saucer region underwater in a cove, a screenshot of what you're looking for is above. This dungeon offers some of the best loot in the game as well as houses some of the hardest enemies.

I'm going to start this guide by explaining to you all of the loot you can find here and where to find it, however at the bottom of this page I will have guides going into more detail about other miscellaneous things you can complete in this dungeon, such as Source Farming.

One last thing to mention too before getting to the guide for this dungeon.... If you come here before returning to Midgar at the end of Disc 2 you'll find the Turks here in the room just before the Cargo Bay. You'll have to battle them but the battle is a piece of cake and that's not what I want to tell you about.

**Disc 2 - Important Steal Tip** Reno has a Touph Ring (+50 Vitality and Spirit) and Rude has a Ziedrich (Armor with no Materia slots or growth and it 1/2s Elemental damage) that you can steal. In my personal opinion neither of this items are that useful but you can't get them anywhere else so they're worth mentioning.

Sunken Gelnika map location
Sunken Gelnika entrance

Upon entering the Sunken Gelnika the first thing you'll spot is a chest that has Heaven's Cloud in it and a Save Point. As my map above shows, to the north is the room known as the Research Room and to the west is the Cargo Room. Each area is littered with treasures so make sure you grab all there is! Use the information below if you need help finding each of the items.

Heaven's Cloud (Chest in entry room)


Research Room Treasures:

Megalixir (Top right of screen; green chest)
Escort Guard (Bottom right of screen; green chest)
Conformer (Top left of screen; hidden behind a pipe on 1F)
Double Cut Materia (Top right of screen; behind green chest on 1F)


Cargo Room Treasures:

Megalixir (Chest by entrance)
Spirit Lance (Top right of screen in chest)
Hades Materia (By crashed Helicopter)
Highwind (Bottom right of screen in chest)
Outsider (Bottom left of screen in chest)









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