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As stated on the first page of my Gold Saucer Guide, I strongly recommend against spending any time trying to earn GP by playing the Mini Games in Wonder Square. They're basically all a complete waste of your time, unless you actually enjoy playing them.

Most of the Mini Games give you one time rewards for getting a high score in them, these rewards are worth getting and they're all listed below for anyone interested. In addition to these rewards you'll also be able to find a lady in Wonder Square who sells some other prizes in exchange for GP. You can find more about her further down the page.


Gold Saucer Wonder Square One Time Rewards

G-Bike Rewards:

10,000 Points (1st Time): Speed Source


(Disc 2) Snowboarding Rewards:

Course A (89+ Points): 30GP and Safety Bit

Course B (89+ Points): 100GP and All Materia

Course C (89+ Points): 300GP and Crystal Bangle


(Disc 2) Torpedo Attack Rewards:

1st Win: 20GP and Ink

2nd Win: 20GP and T/S Bomb

3rd Win: 20GP and Dragon Fang

4th Win: 20GP and Dragon Scales

5th Win: 20GP and Cauldron



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Wonder Square GP Prizes

This lady is found inside Wonder Square just to the left after entering. The three ???? items on her list for sale are an EXP Plus Materia, a Gil Plus Materia and a Carob Nut. Their values are listed below for further clarification. Honestly, if you want to get these early on before you sit down and massively grind you can - only the EXP Plus Materia is worth it. Gil is stupidly easy to come by thanks to the All Materia Gil Trick.

Carob Nut - 500 GP

Gil Plus Materia - 1000GP

EXP Plus Materia - 2000GP








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