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WItem Materia Obtained

The W-Item Glitch in Final Fantasy 7 is one of the more well known glitches in the game and it appears in every version of the game released, including on Steam and Ps4. With this glitch you're able to duplicate almost any item you want as many times as you want.

In order for this glitch to work the item you want to duplicate needs to be usable during battle... If it's not usable during battle there is still a way to duplicate it but it adds a few steps and isn't always reliable. I'll go into more detail about that later.

Before we get started, if you missed the W-Item Materia during the Raid on Midgar during Disc 2 you'll be able to obtain it by digging at Bone Village any time during Disc 3. The W-Item Materia is the only requirement for performing this glitch. I've separated the rest of this page into two different categories, one is for duplicating items that are usable in combat and the other is for duplicating other items. Choose which of the two best applies to you.




How to Duplicate Items Usable In Combat

On the character with the W-Item command go into the Item menu during battle and select which item you want to duplicate and which target you want to use that item on. Then select the second item but don't select a target, instead hit cancel and you'll duplicate the first item. Repeat this second step as many times as you want to duplicate the first item up to 99.

In my example I wanted to duplicate Elixirs so what I did is selected Elixir then selected Cloud. After, I selected Megalixir as the second item and hit cancel to duplicate the Elixir. Watch the video above to see each of these steps in action. (Note: You can actually select the same item twice and still duplicate it, but to make things less confusing I did a different item, the Megalixir)


How to Duplicate Items Not Usable In Combat

In order to do this glitch you'll need the following prerequisites fulfilled...

1. Morph Materia
2. No copies of the item you want to Morph
3. An item that is usable in battle that you don't mind wasting, like a Potion or Hi-Potion, in the first slot of your inventory
4. The enemy you want to do this Glitch on must be in a battle with other enemies so it prolongs past his death

As you can see you're very limited in your uses of this glitch. The only time I have heard of it being used is in the Sunken Gelnika to farm sources and even then it can only be used on some of the enemies inside there. Yuffie's Conformer Ultimate Weapon allows you to hit for full damage when you Morph a target, if you're not familiar with Morphing in this game I recommend you read my Sunken Gelnika Source Farming Guide.

Basically what you need to do for this glitch is put an item you don't care about in the first slot of your inventory. It has to be a single copy of that item and that item has to be usable in battle, so something like a Potion or a Hi-Potion.

Use the Morph command on the enemy when you're 100% sure it's going to be defeated and just before it dies, go into your inventory and select the item in the first slot and a target for the item. Just like how you would normally do the W-Item Glitch. When Morph defeats the enemy the item they Morphed into will appear in the first slot of your inventory, where the item we selected was. Now perform the W-Item Glitch like usual and it will duplicate the item that we just Morphed the enemy into.









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