Forgotten Capital - FF7 Walkthrough

Viper Halberd Location

Fort Condor Battle #13: Right at the start of Disc 2 you'll be able to do Fort Condor Battle #13.

This Disc begins back at the building you spent the night at in the Forgotten Capital. When you try to leave this area you'll get a scene showing you Sephiroth going northeast to the snow fields, this is the route you'll want to go. In the next area you'll find a treasure chest with a Viper Halberd (pictured above), it's a weapon for Cid.

Also, yes, this area is annoying. Go up in the area you see my arrow otherwise you'll keep jumping up and down the shell which takes forever. Once you make it to the top of the shell spiral around it then go through the doorway to find yourself in the next area, Corel Valley Cave.

You can shimmy up the cracks in this area and when you reach one of the platforms on either side of the crack it will ask you which direction you want to jump off on (pictured below). You can go up and down these cracks as many times as you want so collecting all of the loot in this area is a piece of cake.

Corel Valley Cave Crack

In the treasure chests along the crack wall you'll find a Bolt Armlet, HypnoCrown, Megalixir and the Materia in the bottom left corner of the screen is a Magic Plus Materia (go down when you reach the ladder to get to it). On your way out of the cave by the exit you'll bump into a Power Source as well.

Bolt Armlet
Magic Plus Materia
Power Source

You'll find yourself back on the World Map, our next destination is Icicle Inn which is almost directly west of where we are now up in the mountains. It's quite a run away so heal up or use a Tent if you need mana too before you get going.



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