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Shinra Building Floor 62 - Guess the Password

Guess the Password

How this puzzle works is pretty straight forward, on this floor there are multiple library rooms with bookshelves. Outside of each room is a notice next to the door letting you know what sort of books you can expect to find inside of there. Your goal is to find the book that does not belong in each of these rooms.

So, for example, let's say we're in the Urban Planning room and we find a book titled "6 Data on experimental animals living near Midgar" - that obviously does not belong in this section. The number at the start of the book tells you which letter to take from the book's name for the password. In the case of this book the letter N is our "clue". If you get lucky you'll solve the password in one book like this.

Below is an example of the puzzle from one of my play through's, as you can see all four of the correct books spell out the word "KING".


Puzzle Example:

6 Data on experimental animals living near Midgar
Found in Urban Planning

17 Modern history of Midgar space program vol 2
Found in Shinra Inc Peace Preservation/Weapon Dev Research Library

4 Midgar City Map: Sectors 0 - 4
Found in Shinra, Inc Space Dev Research Library

4 Ranks and extended use of Mako weaponry
Found in Shinra, Inc Scientific Research Library


Elemental Materia Received



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