Gold Saucer (Part 2) (Disc 1) - FF7 Walkthrough

Showroom Keystone

This guide covers your return trip to the Gold Saucer during Disc 1 - after Cid has joined your party and you've been to Rocket Town. To reach Gold Saucer you'll want to take your Buggy to North Corel or ride the Tiny Bronco there - it doesn't matter. Ride the trolley up to the Gold Saucer and this time, if you can, purchase the Lifetime ticket for 30,000Gil. It'll save us money in the long run.

Our destination inside of the Gold Saucer is the Battle Square - you'll want to go into the show room and on a pedestal you'll notice The Keystone we're after. (Note: The same guy who gives you Great Gospel, Aeris's best Limit Break is the one who tells you about the The Keystone. Learning about it is not required for this part of the game though).

**Important** Dio asks you to participate in the Battle Arena with only Cloud and he doesn't give you a chance to prepare yourself prior to you talking to him... For this reason I would strongly recommend you prep Cloud right now before even interacting with Dio.

If you clear all 8 rounds then you will win a Choco Feather as well as a Protect Vest. Neither of these items are really all that rare so don't sweat it if you don't win all 8 rounds. Return to the tram after you're done as if you were leaving the Gold Saucer and an employee will stop you.

Broken tram

After a scene at the tram you'll be taken to the Ghost Hotel where there will be many more story scenes. If you didn't grab Turtle's Paradise No 3 last time we were at the Gold Saucer, you'll want to do so now. This is also the famous Gold Saucer date part of the game. Aeris, Tifa, Barret and Yuffie can all go on a date with Cloud here depending on what your affection levels are towards each of them.

You have to go out of your way to get Barret and Yuffie to ask you on a date for this part of the game and on the Steam/Ps4 versions of the game there is even a trophy for going with Barret. For more information about the Gold Saucer Date Side Quest follow the link provided.

During the date you will run into Cait Sith at the Station in Gold Saucer. You'll have to chase him to Battle Square then to Speed Square then to Wonder Square then to Chocobo Square. In Chocobo Square you can find him around the kiosk at the top of the stairs, chase him around this and then back down the stairs for a scene.

Cait Siths BetrayalElixir Received

Once the scene is done you'll find yourself back in the Ghost Hotel in your room. Inspect the cabinet in here for an Elixir then leave. Our next stop is Temple of the Ancients and you'll have to form a team with both Aeris and Cloud in your party. Personally I recommend Cid, he's one of the more powerful characters in this game.

Fort Condor Battle #9: After your party decides to set out for Temple of the Ancients, Fort Condor Battle #9 becomes available. You have to complete it not before finishing the dungeon if you plan to do it.



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