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           In order to unlock many of the different Masters and abilities they offer you in Breath of Fire IV you'll have to perform long chains of combos as well as high damage during combos. There is one location for you to do this that far outshines all of the others. This spot is found about midway through the game in the Highlands region, chances are you've been here before and left when you saw how insanely overpowered the enemies were.

           The enemies here are treants and they usually come in groups of 5 or 6. One of the unique things about these enemies is that they don't attack back if you throw magical attacks at them, they only attack you if you melee them. When they do attack you though, it's usually a KO as you can see from the screen shot below.

           What makes them exceptionally good for doing high damaging and high chain combos is the fact that they heal every round for basically all the damage you do to them (and don't attack you). This gives you plenty of time to sit there and experiment over and over with different spells to rack up the combo damage.

Tree Stumps fully healing

           Now, let's look at different ways to do high damage and high chain combos. Getting high combos in Breath of Fire IV is based on the types of spells you chain together and how many enemies you're fighting during the encounter. Luckily in this area we can fight 6 enemies at a time which allows us to get at minimum an 18 combo.

           You've probably already done a few combos throughout the game by combining spells. Below you'll find a brief quick list of the elemental types you can combo together during a battle.

Fire + Wind = Explosion
Wind + Water = Thunder
Water + Earth = Disaster
Earth + Fire = Eruption

           In addition to those combos you can also throw in Dragon Summons to do even bigger and better combos. The only way I have ever done a higher than 30 combo is while using the many different Dragon Summons in the game. Much like before, here is a quick list of some of the summons I have used in long combo chains.

Powerful Combos

Water + Earth + Dragon Spell (Mud Flow)
Earth + Fire + Dragon Spell (Onslaught)
Fire + Wind + Dragon Spell (Onslaught)
Wind + Water + Dragon Spell (Mud Flow)
Water + Wind + Dragon Spell (Flood Tide)

           In order to use a Dragon Summon in a chain of combos, it appears that the last spell in the chain needs to be the same as the Dragon Element. For example, Water + Earth spells together will create a chain, using Onslaught (a Wind Summon) did nothing; but using Mud Flow, a Earth + Water attack allowed the chain to continue.


32Hit Combo

High Combo Damage