Almar's Favorite Dragon Transformations

If you haven't already read my Dragon Transformations Guide I recommend that you head on back to that guide and read everything mentioned in that guide to learn more about Dragon Transformations and how they work in Breath of Fire III.

This guide is only going to cover my favorite Dragon Transformations and explain to you a little bit why I chose that transformation over the other ones that were available. Basically, this page is an entire opinion piece for people who are too lazy to figure out how the Dragon Transformation stuff works in this game. If you'd like the facts and to make your own decisions, use my other guide on this topic.

Favorite Dragon Transformations

Kaiser: This is an extremely expensive Dragon Transformation so I don't use it all that much and when I do, I typically have a character feed Ryu through consumables. This is the most powerful dragon form though, which is why it's #1 on my list.

Warrior: Now you have my most used Dragon Transformation. This one looks similar to the Kaiser transformation and shares many of the same benefits as well. It's very powerful, very fast and comes loaded with spells of all different types. I use this for minor bosses or large packs of tough enemies.

Tiamat: This bad boy is my 'oh shit' Dragon Transformation. It's also the one I use when leveling up lower level party members since it clears the field of everyone but Ryu in dragon form. Much like the previous transformations, this guy is a power house when you use Doom Breath.

Myrmidon Hybrid and Mammoth Dragon Transformation

Myrmidon: Much like the Warrior Dragon Transformation before it, this one I use when I don't use the Warrior. This one costs more AP which is why I use it less, but if I am against an enemy that looks particularly weak to fire, I will pop this guy instead.

Hybrid: When I have Rei in my party and I can transform into a Cat-Dragon I typically always use this transformation over any other. The Shadowwalk ability is great for boss fights as is how much attack power and agility this form has. It's not the best for trash enemies though.

Mammoth: Much like Tiamat, this guy clears the floor of all your party members and has Ryu in dragon form face off against the enemies. I barely ever use this one but included it because it's different than the rest!