Slimopolis Side Quest - Dragon Quest 6

Slimopolis World Map Location

Slimopolis is an optional town in Dragon Quest 6 which you'll only be able to access once you've obtained Lorelei's Harp and can travel underwater with your boat in the Real World. To reach Slimopolis you'll need to enter the shrine on the tip of the western continent (pictured below) in the Real World and take it to the Dream World.

In the Dream World you will find another shrine to the south (pictured below) which will have a Flood Gate switch inside. Step on this to open up the Flood Gate outside and reveal the path to Slimopolis. if you need help locating either of these locations I recommend you use my screenshots below. They'll hopefully paint a better picture for you than my words can.

Throughout Slimopolis you'll find a couple different items to collect including 3 Mini Medals, Slime Armour and a Slime Gooniform. If you don't plan to participate in the side quests involved in this place then just grab the Mini Medals and leave. For those of you interested in knowing more about the side quests here scroll down a bit to learn more.


Pictures of How to get to Slimopolis:

Shrine to Slimopolis
Shrine to Slimopolis (Real World).

Slimopolis Flood Gate Switch Map Location
Shrine with Slimopolis Flood Gate Switch (Dream World).

Slimopolis is essentially a battle arena side quest that only your Slime party members can participate in. While participating in the slime arena you will not be able to control your slime, the AI will handle all of the fights in here which makes it a little bit more difficult than a regular battle. It also means that instead of strategy who wins comes down mostly to who is a higher level and has better stats.

Goowain is typically the best slime to use in this contest and in order to win the final rank you'll want to equip him with your best gear and him to be between the levels of 35 and 40. Kingsley is a better alternative to Goowain but in order to unlock him you'll need to win the Best-Dressed Contest with Goowain. A list of gear to use as well as strategies to make the contest easier can be found below. The higher level he is the better your chances of winning in general.

When it comes to grinding levels for Goowain I strongly recommend you start with the Gadabout and Dancer Vocations then do Luminary. If you plan to do the Best-Dressed Contest Side Quest you'll need to have a very high Style rank on Goowain which requires you to max these 3 Vocations (Luminary gives you a 15% Style boost and +15 Style when you master it). If you don't care about getting the Sage's Stone from that side quest then just level whatever combat Vocations you want on Goowain to make him stronger.

Below is a list of all the rewards you can get for participating in the Slimopolis Arena:

Key: Rank - Reward

H - Hermes' Hat
G - Edged Boomerang
F - Poison Needle
E - Slime Armour
D - Icicle Dirk
C - Falcon Knife Earrings
B - Metal King Shield
A - Dragonic Diligence

Upon completion of all 3 ranks of the Rank A battle you'll have to fight another enemy by the name of Hammer. This fight is actually pretty hard depending on your level and may take a few tries. At level 40 I wiped twice before switching Goowains to a better Vocation that I already maxed out, then I stomped Hammer.

Once you've completed all ranks of the Slimopolis Arena and beaten Hammer you'll also be able to recruit Goober, an optional character to your party. His recruitment is technically your final reward.

Goowain vs HammerDragonic Diligence Received as Reward


Strategies & Gear Choices for Slimopolis:

The first primary tip I can give you for winning the higher ranks of this competition is to master the Priest vocation on Goowain. This will unlock the Fullheal ability for him which is basically required for the harder fights. When it comes to the competition itself the best Vocation to use on Goowain is Paladin or Gladiator.

If you get Goowain the Fullheal ability and at least level 40 then none of the ranks in Slimopolis should be that challenging for you (assuming you use the correct Vocation and gear). As far as gear goes, the Metal King gear is typically the best to use on him. Miracle Sword + Sacred Armour combination isn't bad either and they're able to be acquired much earlier in the game.

Personally I used a Flail of Destruction on Goowain for the arena as well as every piece of Metal King Gear I could get my hands on. The Flail helps a lot more than a sword if you ask me since he can attack all enemies at one time. Don't forget to equip him with the Meteorite Bracer too so he always attacks first each round.