Metal Slime Farming Locations & Guide - Dragon Quest 6

Metal King Slime Battle

Anyone who has played a Dragon Quest game before probably knows about this enemy. Metal Slimes are part of every Dragon Quest game and the way they work is always the same. They have very low HP with a huge amount of defense and evasion. They will also always flee from a battle either immediately or after a few turns. They're also extremely rare and can only be encountered in specific areas.

What is the point of killing them then you may ask? They give a TON of exp! Liquid Metal Slimes give 10k EXP and Metal King Slimes give 30k EXP. In Dragon Quest 6 it's actually better to farm Metal King Slimes (pictured above) than it is to farm Liquid Metal Slimes (LMS). There aren't many good LMS farming locations and the one for Metal King Slimes is phenomenal.

If you'd like to learn more about the Liquid Metal Slime locations check out the section toward the bottom of this page. For this part I am going to be talking solely about Metal King Slimes. The best place to farm Metal King Slimes is right out front of the final dungeon (pictured below). The closest Zoom location is Prison of Sorrow in the Dread World. Zoom over there and walk outside and you'll be at the right spot.

Metal King Slime Farming Location

Metal Slimes have one fatal weakness that makes them easy to defeat... Their defense isn't worth a damn when they're hit with a critical strike! Any crits on a Metal Slime will hit them for full damage and instantly defeat them since they only have a few HP. This is going to be your strategy for taking them out. How do you always crit you may be wondering? In Dragon Quest 6 there are two ways to always score a critical hit when you attack...

Metal Slime Hunting Abilities & Equipment:

Hatchet Man: The Hatchet Man ability is learned by mastering the Warrior Vocation. It has a 40% or so chance to hit the target but when it does it's a guaranteed critical strike.

Hela's Hammer: You can purchase Hela's Hammer in Greedmore and much like Hatchet Man each time you strike with this weapon it will score a critical hit. Also like Hatchen Man it comes with a reduced chance to hit.

Using the Hela's Hammer is arguably faster since you won't have to select the Hatchet Man ability every single fight. As far as I am aware both have the same chance to hit the enemy so there is no difference as far as that's concerned.



Liquid Metal Slime Farming Locations

Dullerton LMS Battle

In this Dragon Quest game Liquid Metal Slimes are worse to farm than the Metal King Slimes mostly because there isn't a real solid location to farm them. The cave in Greedmore (Dread World) has a decent spawn rate but you can't bring your Wagon in there which means less people get credit for battles.

The Tower of Pegasus you can bring your Wagon but the encounter rate is quite low in my experience and according to internet research. I personally found the best location to be around Dullerton where I was able to get a Liquid Metal Slime once per 8 - 10 battles.

Liquid Metal Slime Spawn Locations: Pegasus Tower, Around Dullerton, Greedmore Cave, Mortamor's Dreadlair, Island south of Felonia