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Dragon Quest 5 Walkthrough - (Chapter 2)

Land of the Faeries

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When you arrive in the Land of Faeries the Fairy that brought you here will escort you to Treacle who will ask for your help in locating a flute. Honey will join your party after you've accepted the task and she'll fill the role of a healer for now! Leave the tree that you are in and cross the lily pads back toward where you entered. You'll see a sparkle on the ground that you will want to pick up for a Seed of Life; further south of this location is where you will find the Inn and a shop.

The shop is stocked with a bunch of nice stuff but you probably won't be able to afford much right now; keep coming back as you get more money to buy upgrades. Continue south out to the World Map and do some leveling up to get your Sabrecat a few levels as well as yourself.

Spending the night at the inn in Faery Land will cause you to wake up at your house in Whealbrook. When this happens just return to Faery Land via the golden staircase. Once you're high enough level our destination will be a cave on the western portion of the island you're on (pictured below).

Faery Land World Map
Faery Land Map Locations.

Inside of the cave you're looking for a Book titled 'lots about locks'. You'll find it by taking the middle staircase down in the bottom of the cave, it's not too difficult to locate but the enemies inside of the cave can be quite difficult for you if you're still low level. Once you open the chest with the Lots about Locks Book you'll automatically learn all that is on the pages and the book vanishes.

You'll now be able to open the blue doors nearby and claim the two treasure chests that are on this floor. With them in hand you're officially done here. Return to Faery Lea and spend the night at the Inn before continuing to the "island" at the northern end of the map. It's marked in my screen shot above with a yellow square.

Now that you have learned how to open locked doors you'll be able to gain entry into the palace; prior to unlocking the front door it's recommended you go left of the entrance and around the side of the palace. You'll find a treasure chest in the back with a Seed of Wisdom.

Winter Palace Sliding Floor Puzzle
Winter Palace Sliding Floor Puzzle.

The Winter Palace is the token ice level where you slide across the floor and need to run into the walls/obstacles in the right order to line up perfectly with where you want to go. For the first room you come across (pictured above) you'll need to run into either of the two pillars I have red arrows pointing to. This will line you up with the staircase found in the east; this is the path to the boss of the dungeon.

If you wish to get all the treasure chests there is a staircase in the west that takes you into another basement that contains 3 chests. Before fighting the boss of this place it's recommended that you're at least level 10, at that level she'll be pretty easy for you. When you are ready to challenge her speak with Dwight, the guy guarding the two chests at the top of Winter Palace (pictured below).

Speaking with Dwight will trigger a scene and a brief battle with him after which the Winter Queen will appear and transform into a monster. This is the real boss battle. Use the Hero's Buff magic on everyone in your party and let Honey handle the heals. Other than that just attack the boss with the Hero and Sabrecat.

Dwight By Chests In Winter Palace
Dwight at the top of the Winter Palace.

Once you've defeated the Winter Queen open the two chests behind Dwight and then return to Faery Lea and give the Herald of Spring to Treacle to complete this part of the game. There will be a brief scene after which you're whisked away back to the real world. Sancho will stop you when leaving the house and let you know that you dropped your Blooming Branch.

Your choice of dialogue with Sancho doesn't really matter, you can come back here later and get the branch again if you leave it here. Speak with your father in the church and then you'll be ready to leave town. Much like before you'll be on rails when you follow your father to Coburg Castle.

After arriving your father will speak with the King and tell you to explore the castle in the interim. To advance the story forward you'll need to speak with 3 different people, the order doesn't matter just that you speak to each of them. In addition to speaking with them you can also find a Seed of Magic in the castle (in the room just above the church).

1. Speak with Prince Harry
2. Speak with Queen Consort
3. Speak with the guard on the second floor (pictured below)

Coburg Castle Who to Speak WithHidden Staircase in Castle Coburg
Guard to speak with to advance the story forward (left) and the hidden staircase underneathe Prince Harry (right).

The guard pictured above can easily be located by going up the stairs to the left of where you enter the castle (aka across the hall from the church). Once you've spoken to all 3 of the NPCs that you need, return to the King and speak with him to continue the story.

Now you will have to do a little bit more back and forth with Prince Harry. Speak with Prince Harry, inspect the chest in the adjacent room then speak with your father once Prince Harry disappears. You'll need to repeat this process twice. On the third time inspect the chair that Prince Harry sat in to find a hidden button (pictured above).

After following Prince Harry down the stairs you'll witness a scene of him being kidnapped. If you try to follow him the goons will jump on a raft and escape. Return to your father and tell him what happened after which you'll want to follow him out to the World Map.

Tip: Stop at the weapon shop in town to purchase your Sabrecat a weapon. Iron Claw and Stone Fang are both for sale here which he can use.

Cave Near Poisonous Lake
Cave northeast of Coburg Castle Map Location.

Your father is waiting for you at a cave northeast of Coburg Castle, it's found just north of a Poisonous Lake (pictured above). Inside of this cave you'll need to meet up with Pankraz who is fighting some enemies on a platform; you'll be able to see him shortly after entering the dungeon but you'll have to go the round about way to reach him.

Once you've joined up with Pankraz and he is a part of your party all that's left is to rescue Prince Harry. Step on the tile near where you found Pankraz and ride the raft north through the open tunnel. Pankraz will take control of your party when you make it into the next room and free Harry from his cage.

Pankraz instructs you to leave the dungeon, instead of taking the long way out use the Raft and go to the southeastern most portion of the large room with water. In the same location you found Monster Munchies there is a door that leads you back to the entrance. Before you can escape, however, you'll encounter Bishop Ladja who is the undefeatable boss of this dungeon.

Bishop Ladja Boss Fight

Don't waste your time trying to beat Bishop Ladja, just wipe your party and your father will come to save you. Watch the following scenes play out and the game will continue in the future. To avoid spoilers, continue to the next chapter of the guide when you are ready.



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